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M. yousuf jawad


Snakes and ladders @raven games


Apr 17, 2024


🎮 Introducing Knight’s Quest: Toony Snakes and Ladders – a whimsical adventure that combines the classic game of Snakes and Ladders with a delightful twist. Let me paint the picture for you:

🌟 Game Overview: In the mystical land of Toonville, brave knights embark on a quest to reach the enchanted castle at the top of the game board. Their path is filled with surprises, challenges, and magical ladders that propel them forward, as well as mischievous snakes that send them sliding backward.

🎲 Dice of Destiny: Roll the whimsically crafted dice adorned with stars, moons, and mystical symbols. Each roll determines your fate – will you ascend the ladder or encounter a slippery snake?

🌈 Toony Environments: Explore vibrant and fantastical landscapes as you journey through Toonville. From candy-colored forests to cloud-kissed mountains, every square on the board reveals a new wonder. Watch out for the giggling mushrooms and misbehaving rainbows!

🛡️ Knightly Characters: Choose your knight avatar from four valiant options:

🔴 Sir Scarlet: The fiery red knight, passionate and daring.
⚫ Sir Ebony: The mysterious black knight, skilled in shadows.
🔵 Sir Azure: The cool blue knight, wise and strategic.
🟢 Sir Emerald: The green knight, with a heart as lush as the forest.
🏰 Castle Climb: Ascend the ladders – magical beanstalks, rainbow bridges, and floating balloons – to reach the castle’s grand gates. But beware! The mischievous snakes (or perhaps friendly dragons?) may try to thwart your progress.

🎉 Victory Awaits: The first knight to reach the castle’s drawbridge wins the game! Celebrate with a whimsical dance, and perhaps the castle’s turrets will burst into confetti.

🌟 Life Lessons: Knight’s Quest isn’t just about luck; it’s a metaphor for life’s journey. Sometimes you climb, sometimes you slide, but the adventure is what truly matters.

🎮 Play Now: where knights, dice, and toony magic collide! 🌠🏰


Worked as solo developer to develop Gameplay from Grid Based Mechanics for Snakes and Ladders.

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