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M. yousuf jawad


Car trade dealership simulator @ravengames


Mar 25, 2024


Welcome to Car Trade Dealership Simulator, a dynamic first-person simulation game crafted in Unity that immerses players into the fast-paced world of car trading. Manage your dealership's economy, buy and sell cars for profit, and even take them for test drives in this thrilling simulation experience.

In Car Trade Dealership Simulator, players start with limited funds and a basic set of cars in their inventory. The goal is to grow your dealership by purchasing cars at competitive prices, upgrading them strategically, and selling them for maximum profit. But keep an eye on market trends and customer preferences to stay ahead of the game.

Key Features:

First-Person Perspective: Experience the hustle and bustle of managing a car dealership through a realistic first-person viewpoint.

Economy Management: Skillfully manage your finances to acquire cars, invest in upgrades, and ensure your dealership's profitability.

Car Buying and Selling: Browse through a diverse selection of cars available for purchase, each with its own specifications, conditions, and price tags. Negotiate deals with sellers and aim to make a profit when selling to customers.

Test Drive Mode: Take the wheel and experience the thrill of driving various cars in a dedicated test drive mode. Feel the handling, speed, and performance firsthand before making purchasing decisions.

Upgrade Options: Enhance the appeal and value of your cars by investing in upgrades such as engine enhancements, interior modifications, and exterior styling. Customize cars to suit different buyer preferences and maximize resale value.

Dynamic Market: Navigate a dynamic economy where car prices fluctuate based on supply, demand, and market trends. Stay informed and adapt your strategies to capitalize on profitable opportunities.

Dealership Management: Customize and organize your dealership's layout to effectively showcase your inventory. Expand your showroom as your business grows to accommodate more cars and attract more customers.

Car Trade Dealership Simulator offers a thrilling blend of strategy, simulation, and hands-on driving experiences, providing endless hours of entertainment for players passionate about cars and business.


Same framework as bike dealer was used to convert into a car trading game.

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