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M. yousuf jawad


Border patrol police game @raven games


Apr 17, 2024

Step into the shoes of a young officer trainee in 1981, stationed at a border post nestled in the rugged terrain. Within the border region, entry is tightly regulated, and every move you make is under surveillance. The tension at the border peaks when tragedy strikes, and one of your comrades falls in the line of duty.

In "Border Patrol Police Game," your role is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the border. You'll confront a myriad of challenges, from scrutinizing documents to uncovering smuggled contraband. As the volume of visitors increases, the task of discerning discrepancies becomes more daunting.

Your keen eye and quick reflexes will be put to the test as you sift through vehicles with a UV flashlight, uncovering hidden goods. Yet, your duty extends beyond routine inspections; you must be prepared for shootouts with enemy forces and engage in high-stakes police chases to apprehend fleeing smugglers.

The management of your border post is paramount. Invest in upgrades to fortify defenses and streamline operations, but beware of escalating costs. Success in thwarting smuggling attempts and handling emergencies will be your lifeline to financial stability.

But there's more to your role than enforcing regulations. Special assignments beckon, where you'll unravel crime puzzles, support fellow officers, and confront adversaries. Your decisions hold the power to shape the destiny of the region.

In this immersive simulation, you'll experience the adrenaline rush of border patrol policing firsthand. Navigate the complexities of border security, from inspecting vehicles to verifying travel documents. Your vigilance is the shield that guards the nation's borders against illicit activities.

"Border Patrol Police Game" is not just a game; it's a fusion of action, strategy, and tactical decision-making. As you patrol the borderlands, stay vigilant, for every encounter shapes the course of your mission.


Assume the role of a border police officer in a gripping narrative set in 1981.
Conduct thorough searches for smuggled items and inspect travel documents.
Navigate shootouts, police chases, and special assignments.
Upgrade your border post to enhance security and operational efficiency.
Experience smooth and intuitive controls designed for immersive gameplay.
Encounter various enemy forces and engage in shootouts.
Explore mini-games and tutorials to enhance your skills.
Utilize different guns and even ride a horse to navigate the challenging terrain.
Embark on this thrilling adventure, delivered in just one and a half months, and experience the intensity of border patrol policing like never before.


Gameplay Mechanics updates, expansion and optimizations

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