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M. yousuf jawad


Ice scream scary santa game @ravengames


Mar 25, 2024


Welcome to Ice Scream Scary Santa Claus Horror, where you'll face off against the chilling Grandpa Ice Scream and his spooky sidekick, Scary Santa Claus Granny. In this intense survival game, your mission is to rescue your family from these sinister characters lurking in a haunted maze.

Navigate through the eerie atmosphere and bone-chilling sound effects as you outsmart your terrifying adversaries. Avoid capture and save your loved ones from the clutches of evil.

But be warned, escaping won't be easy. Grandpa Ice Scream and Scary Santa are cunning hunters, and they won't hesitate to pursue you relentlessly. Stay quiet, stay alert, and find a way to outmaneuver them.

Explore every corner of the creepy house, from the kitchen to the basement, to uncover secrets and reunite your family. With its immersive gameplay and hair-raising challenges, Ice Scream Scary Santa Claus Horror delivers a spine-tingling experience that horror enthusiasts won't soon forget. Will you survive the nightmare of Halloween Horror Ice Scream?


I worked as a solo developer and made the entire systems for this game. Includes Dialogue System, Cinematic System and Designed whole levels and included gameplay elements in this First-Person Horror Adventure.

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