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M. yousuf jawad


Mom simulator family life game @ravengames


Mar 25, 2024


It is not an easy task to be a virtual mother. From house chores to taking care of a family is a tiring adventure. To give a glimpse of such adventure we have created all new simulation based game at Raven Interactive. I am grateful to the team. Not only letting me improvise on ideas but lead my own projects, such freedom allows harnessing the creativity of an individual it gives room to make errors and allows you to learn from previous mistakes. Such curve where each upcoming project is better because of the R&D in previous projects is a must for any developer. I am ever grateful to Raven Interactive.

Presenting "Mom Simulator Family Life Game":
10 Levels each with different scenarios. Little chores, nice art style and Fps mechanics makes this game fun. I am open to all feedback because there is always a big room for improvements. I would appreciate if you all would take some time and evaluate my work. Grab n Drop mechanism, NPC Interaction and Interactable environment and we have a Cat as well.

Sharing some Fun Mechanics:
Cooking Manager was fun to develop where you have to make breakfast for children and husband. Some VFX and SFX made it fun to heat oil on the frying pan and fry Egg, Becon and Sausages.
and Oops! you want to add milk in this recipe go ahead.


Worked as solo developer it is very simple task based game.

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