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Waqas iqbal




Feb 29, 2024


An AI-based lead engine for the US and Canada to help B2B users search a company and individuals. Users can use intent data to understand a specific prospect’s interest in a specific industry sector.
• The project aimed to optimize the speed and performance of the company's website to enhance user
experience and drive revenue growth.
• Analyzed website performance to pinpoint areas for speed enhancement. Implemented optimizations
including reducing HTTP requests, optimizing images/scripts, and utilizing browser caching and CDNs. Continuously monitored metrics using tools like PageSpeed Insights refining strategies iteratively during the conversion from monolithic to microservices architecture.
• Outcomes: Greatly sped up website loading, reducing bounce rates and increasing session duration. Improved conversion rates, boosting monthly revenue. Positive user feedback on enhanced performance and usability.
• Technologies: NodeJs, ExpressJs,React,AWS,MySql



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